What Every Good Parent Should Do (Including Putting Your Child in Music Classes!)

Hello! Today, I wish to share my thoughts about what makes a good parent. I have two children myself, and I see many children each school year as I teach lessons on the cello from time to time. Over the years, I have come to believe that there are simple things every parent can do to help them have a better relationship with their child and raise a more thoughtful and creative young person.


Above all, you must keep your children healthy! This is the most important thing anyone can do for your children’s future. They should have a good and healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, because the sooner you introduce them to many different flavors, the more open-minded they will be as they grow up. I have also found that when we were raising our children, they did not have any interest in the junk foods and candy that the other children were craving because we had introduced them to real and wholesome things. I also think it is very important to introduce them to healthy play that is running around outside and spending time in nature with fresh air and lots of exercise instead of sitting in front of a television. I believe that television and the internet is destroying imagination. You must give your children the opportunity to explore the world for themselves so they may see how much is out there apart from the screens! They must have a healthy home without harmful chemicals and radiation, so you must get an air purifier and keep them away from cell phones when they are very small and growing.

It is also very important to keep them creative! I believe it is essential to introduce your children to as much culture as possible, with music, and art, and lots of books. They must learn about the world through novels and different musical traditions, and by going to museums to see art and history! This is how they will learn who they are and discover their sense of curiosity. I think that the best thing my wife and I did with our children was to give them many different outlets and let them experiment. We filled their rooms with books and art supplies, and we always had lots of dress-up outfits and instruments so they could express themselves. This is why I believe they were so much more content than the other children who grew up with video games and television. You should put them in music classes, and get them involved in different art camps with other children.

Last of all, I once read a quote that I find very essential to our mentality on parenting, which is to “develop passion, not pressure.” I think that says it all, no? You should encourage your children to pursue what makes them happy without pressuring them to follow a specific path. I think this is important for all of us, whether we want our children to be lawyers or classical musicians. Teach them to pursue their dreams and they will grow wings!

Guest Post: The Best Air Purifiers for Your Home

Hello everybody, it is Gabriela! I know you are used to seeing my husband’s postings, but this week he is away, and we thought it would be fun for me to share with you something that we have found very important in our home, which is air purifiers! I know that many people have their own environmental cause. Some people are very concerned about cell phone radiation and others are concerned about


Our big obsession or cause has been air quality in our homes. And of course we care about air quality and pollution all over the world but it is much easier to deal with our home instead of all of the pollution everywhere!


Did you know that the air in your home is actually not clean at all? Most of us are breathing in highly polluted air at all times. If you live near a roadway, you have smog and exhaust coming in your windows. If you have pets, there is tiny dust particles floating around your house that you breathe in. That is how many people have allergic reactions even when they clean their floors. And then there are all the chemicals in your air. Your furniture is full of formaldehyde and other flame retardant chemicals which are not good for you at all. Your paints and floor polishes also have harmful chemicals and so do many air fresheners and scented products. Do you see now why it is so important to clean the air in your home?


Perhaps we were very alert to this from the beginning, since my husband is a classical musician and he must take extra care of his cello to protect it from changes in humidity and from all the dust which can dull its sound. So we have always thought about air. But especially when we read articles about all the household chemicals which cause health problems, we decided we needed to take action before we had children. We have basically all of the problem signs for air quality. We have neighbors who smoke and we live near a road, so there is a lot of problems to solve.


We spent a lot of time searching for a very good air purifier because we did not want to take any chances. But we did not have very much money when we first started to shop, so we decided to start with a cheaper model to make sure we were going to see a difference in our home air quality before we spent so much money on a very nice machine.


The first air purifier we bought was a Honeywell, which I believe is the most popular model that is sold. It was certainly the most popular one we saw in online reviews and we thought it did a very good job. It had two different filters, with one for dust and another one for bad chemicals and smells. We liked it well enough but it had very expensive filters to buy and it was not very convenient. It also felt very cheap so we knew it would not be long before we had to replace it. After 6 months, we decided to upgrade. This time we spent many more hours reading reviews and different recommendations to find an air purifier that we could keep for years. We wanted to make sure that there would be no hint of smoke from next door and no harmful smog for our children to breathe in.

At the end of our search we bought what is called a Blue Air. It is an air purifier that is made in Sweden and as far as we can tell it is the most precise one on the market with dust. It removes all particles as small as 0.1 micron, which is a size that you cannot even see with the eye. We bought it because it is not only very good at filtering, but it is completely automatic, so it senses particles and dust to turn itself on and off. We like not having to guess with our air quality and this is very convenient. We have had ours since the children were small, and it is still working very well. We were happy to get a lifetime warranty because we subscribed to the replacement filters from the company, so we will never be buying a new machine!

We are very satisfied with our air purifier because it has totally removed the smell of smoke from our neighbors and it keeps dust down in our house. We are also very grateful that we found some good reviews online because it is very technical and these are expensive machines, so we did extensive research to make sure that we read all the best air purifier for smoke reviews. We found the Blue Air recommended here, but it is popular on many sites. Thank you for reading my post! My husband will be back soon with something more usual.